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International Mental Health Day

Article: World Mental Health Day

world mental health day

World Mental Health Day

Since 1992, 10th October is celebrating as World Mental Health Day in many countries. This day is a project of World Federation for Mental Health due to create awareness in society about mental health.

One of every four people is affected from mental illnesses in their lives. This rate is increasing to one of every two people for people who are 75 years old. There are more than 500 million people who face with mental illnesses on the World. But unfortunately, one of thirty of them can receive help with their illness. Depression, obsession, behavioral disorder, alcohol & drug addiction are the most frequent illnesses.

There is no doubt that we all should take care to protect our mental health as society. Having hobbies, resting, socializing can be some useful methods for this.

It is required to keep in mind that people should take care about mental illnesses. However nowadays, COVID-19 pandemic causes to occur compelling circumstances.

COVID-19 and Children

Pandemic proceed to affect all countries on the World. It causes changes in the life style of families and the daily routine of individuals. Time to time children cannot go to the school and receive education from home. Some of parents work from home, some of parents cannot work because of restrictions and some of them are on unpaid leave. To increase social distance, kids cannot come together with their friends and relatives. Pandemic causes concerns about infection. There is a huge uncertainty in lives of most of us. Most of us feel insufficiency because of  lack of knowledge & information what to do. These reasons cause to increases in concern levels of people and it gets harder to control concerns. There is no doubt that psychological health of children is important for them and also for their families. To provide a healthy environment for children, it is vitally important to decrease uncertainty and decrease sufficiency. To protect mental health of children, control of concerns of them is really required. As most of us know, giving information will be the first step. Of course, for this, it is required to create an environment how children can ask questions, easily. Their questions should be answered honestly and how they can understand. Do not forget that children can ask the same question for many times. It should be given right information which is taken from experts. Of course, being careful not to make them concern is vitally important.

There are some points you should take care when you will talk to children.

-To be at their eye level

-To help them express their feelings

-Not to call words which has very strong feelings like awfulness. This kind of words can increase stress level of children.

-To listen them carefully, understand them and make understand them this

-To keep in mind that they can behave like a younger child when they face with difficulties

-To keep in mind according to their age they can understand different some notions like “death”.

-To respect their feelings and thoughts and make them understand this.

To protect children against bad effects of COVID-19; giving information, being honest , checking  information sources, creating healthy habits, proceeding social relations via phone or internet are vitally important & valuable.

COVID-19 and Business Life

COVID-19 pandemic has negative effects on people in business life. Unfortunately, these effects can cause exhaustion. There are three dimensions of exhaustion as feeling tired mentally, desensitization and unsuccess. Symptoms like feeling tired, sleeplessness, forgetfulness, being tend to be ill, feeling  pain  and some psychological reactions can be seen.

There are some preventive actions can be taken by companies & corporations.

-Good and efficient communication

-Multidisciplinary team meetings


-Creating social work environment

-Giving importance humor in work environment

There are also some preventive actions can be taken by individuals.

-Catching work life balance

-Sleeping enough

-Having a healthy diet

-Doing exercise

-To be able to ask for help

Consequently, developing awareness about mental health is important. There are precautions you can take care to protect yourself, your family, your relatives, your friends, colleagues and the society against the danger of the biggest stress source of COVID-19.

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