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Best Wooden Watches

Noir Wood Watch & Sandalwood

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In today's fashion world, black and luxury are inseparable duo, if elegance is what you want to express in your fashion preferences, Noir wood watch will be the right choice for you. Among other watches made of metal and plastic, a wooden watch will definitely make you feel good.

Thanks to the tempering process used in the production of wood materials, moisture contact with wood is minimized. At the same time, the highest quality materials are used in the watch mechanism, glass panel and lock system. You can use Svenn watches which are produced by choosing high quality materials in the form and innovation of the first day for many years.

You can personalize your watch as you like with the option to engrave with your own handwriting that you will not find in any watch store.


  • Diameter: 41mm
  • Thickness: 9mm
  • Band Width: 20mm
  • Weight: 62g

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100% Tempered Natural Wood

Swiss Ronda Movement

Scratch Resistant Sapphire Glass

Available Engraving Options

Ultra-Light Weight


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We provide 1 year mechanical parts guarantee for all our watches. If you have any problems during this period, you can contact us easily. We will do our best for you.



For those who follow fashion closely and who want to create their own style, various wooden wrist watches have recently been popular. Wooden wrist watches that appeal to both wooden enthusiasts and wrist watch enthusiasts have been preferred recently because they are natural for some. There are many advantages of wooden wristwatches compared to steel wristwatches. Now we will look at some of the advantages of Svenn Wood Watch for you to improve quality and usability.



When we talk about timepiece mechanisms, the first quality and long life mechanisms produced by the Swiss people come to mind. The most important feature in a watch is the quality of the mechanism. We, as Svenn Wood Watch team, did not ignore this and we used the Ronda mechanism, which is one of the world-famous Swiss mechanisms, which is suitable for wooden watches. Thus, we have created one of the most important features that distinguishes Svenn Wood Watch from cheap wooden watches on the market.


In our Noir timepiece, we used sandalwood because of its durability and visual impact. There are many different types of sandalwood available in the world, especially red, black and green colors ... Svenn Wooden Watch team considering the visual harmony, we preferred to use natural red sandalwood at Noir, all the customer feedback we received was very positive. This showed that our choice was correct. Now we're going to be a bit boring, giving you technical information about sandalwood.  Source: East Africa (Mozambique) Grain Pattern: Straight Hardness: 1.680 lbf Dried Weight: 58 lbs/ft3 Shrinkage: 8.5% All these data show that when you choose sandalwood, you will not have made the wrong choice.


Aren't you tired of carrying a heavy, steel handcuff on your arm? If your watch is heavy during the day, annoys you and creates a desire to remove it from your arm, you can get rid of all the problems by buying a Svenn Wood Watch as soon as possible, you can feel the feeling that there is no clock in your arm. Svenn wood clocks are very light and weigh only 40 grams. The average steel clock is 120 grams. The weight of a wooden watch is about 1/3 of that of a steel watch. You realize how small the number is, don't you? With the Noir wooden clock you will get rid of the drowning sensation and even feel under the positive influence of natural wood.


One of the biggest concerns when using a watch is that its window is scratched, right? Most of us have at least 1 time. Actually, there's a way to prevent it. As Svenn wooden watches, we tried to find solutions to these problems. As a result, we decided to use sapphire glass as the glass of all our watches. Sapphire glass has the highest hardness after diamond in the world. This means that the only way to draw a sapphire glass watch is to get a diamond in your hand! Sapphire glass watches have a longer life and hardly drawn front faces than others. Apart from being a rare substance, we can say that this is what makes sapphire expensive in every field where it is used. That's why watch enthusiasts especially prefer sapphire glass watches.


One more reason for you to get the wooden clock! If you have a skin allergy or your nickel-steel watchband has made some reactions such as redness, itching on your wrist, this should not be a reason not to use the watch, wooden watches are completely natural products, so get comfortable with this. There is no allergen effect.


According to our customer experience, waterproofing is one of the most hesitant issues for wooden watches before buying. However, we should say that the feedback we receive is the kind that will resolve these hesitations, because we apply two simple techniques. In order to increase water resistance on the wooden surface, tempering process is applied to each part during production. At the same time, tung oil is applied as the last process. These processes increase the water resistance of the wood. It should be noted that the texture of wooden watches are natural and wood is a special product. Thanks to the special processes we apply, it becomes resistant to splashes of water and the sensitivity of moisture in the wood decreases, thus making the wood usable in daily life. Wooden watches are resistant to hand washing and rain, but you will appreciate that the wooden surface is not suitable for swimming or showering.


Our watches are manufactured in standard sizes, but you will appreciate that each individual's wrist thickness is different. If you wish, we can adjust wrist size of yourself or someone else that you have bought as a gift. If you choose this option, don't forget to add it to your cart on the product page and send us your measurements!