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wood watch with engraving


Engraved Wooden Watches

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Choosing a gift is a very difficult and important task. The chosen gift is expected to make the person feel special. Ordinary gifts do not make the person happy, and they are forgotten in a short time, while special gifts are remembered for a lifetime. It is not surprising that we all want to find unique gifts. That's exactly why it would be a good alternative to use engraving options. You can write your special note on case backs of wood watches by following 3 very simple steps. Write your note on paper, take a photo, and load it through product page.



A wooden watch box not only protects your watch but also can be very nice accessory on your drawer. Would it not be very nice to make it more beautiful and meaningful with a special note? Today, it is possible to apply engraving options on wooden watch box. You can personalize your watch box as you wish. Or you can use this option to make your gift more meaningful.


Gifts are the products purchased to make a loved, valuable person happy and to share a common memory. A personalized gift, on the other hand, is a rare and special form of the gift that is designed specifically for only one single person, just like a fingerprint. There is no doubt that these special gifts also show the value we give to our loved ones. You can prefer to add a different meaning to the gift which you are planning to give your husband thanks to engraving options. You can make your husband happy by giving an engraved wooden watch on special days such as birthdays, Christmas, Valentine's Day, Father’s Day and save in special memories of those days.


What do you think makes your lover different and special from other people? I can actually guess your answer already: "Because I love him & her. That’s why my girlfriend or boyfriend is special and different from everyone else." This will probably be the most important thing to say! In fact, the feeling we call love, a feeling hidden in your inner world and that only you can know? So how will your lover know about this special feeling? How can you make the love you feel for your lover feel better? At this point, the love behaviors we call romance come into play! How do we express our love? Sometimes we show our love with a smile, sometimes with a warm kiss on the cheek, sometimes with a big hug and sometimes with a meaningful look. Another impressive way of expressing love is to give a gift for your lover. But when we say gifts, we do not mean ordinary gifts. Romantic gifts for your lover, full of meaningful and surprises, that smell like love, that will make your lover feel extraordinarily special! Exactly like a high-quality wooden watch.


Did you know that the traditional gift for the 5th anniversary, one of the most important anniversaries of marriage, is wood? Undoubtedly, this is an important date worthy of a special celebration. A wooden gift will be an important symbol, showing that the relationship has become stronger, warmer. You faced with many difficulties and at the same time try to protect love, maintain family warmth. Now is the time to enjoy!!! Wouldn't it be nice to gift your wife or husband a high-quality wood watch that will suit today very well?


You are about to leave behind another year since you met your lover. To You Lovers, Huge congratulations for getting through a great year of LOVE, which was sometimes beautiful and sometimes difficult... Therefore, this picture of pride is the result of your love. We are sure that you are planning to make wonderful surprises for your lover on your anniversary to remember the past year in the best way and to welcome your next new year with happiness! For this reason, you have already started to search for the best anniversary gifts! As well as choosing a romantic gift for your lover, it can also make your anniversary unforgettable with beautiful words that will make your gift meaningful. If you are looking for expressive words to write romantic gift notes on your gift, you are in the right place. Because Svenn provides very nice wood watch collections for men & for women and engraving service. Thanks to engraving application, you can write your special note on case back of watch and show your feelings to your lover in the best way on your anniversary.