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Black Wood Watch

Jet Black Wood Watch & Ebony

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Ebony is a symbol of power, purity, balance and luck. People believe this wood amplifies magnetic energy and it's revered as the most powerful and protective of wood types. When you wear Jet Black wood watch, you will feel more brave and full of pleasure. Black is also indispensable in the fashion world, and almost everyone has black accessories and clothing.

Ebony, grown in East Asia, has the highest hardness among other wood options. Ebony wood is also the hardest wood to process, so Ebony wood is robust, maintains its form for many years, has a very low moisture permeability and a rigid structure. 

We can also engrave your own handwritten note on the back cover of your wrist watch.


    • Diameter: 45mm
    • Thickness: 9mm
    • Band Width: 18mm
    • Weight: 62g

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    100% Tempered Natural Wood

    Swiss Ronda Movement

    Scratch Resistant Sapphire Glass

    Available Engraving Options

    Ultra-Light Weight


    Your watch will be prepared in 1 business day to be shipped to you.
    The average standard shipping duration for standard shipment is 3-6 days.
    The average express shipping duration for standard shipment is 1-3 days.

    Duties and Taxes for international orders are outside of our control, and must be paid by buyer.


    We provide 1 year mechanical parts guarantee for all our watches. If you have any problems during this period, you can contact us easily. We will do our best for you.

    Ebony Wood


    Black symbolizes power, mystery, elegance and authority. To change of deepness and tone of other colors, black color is required. In fact, black means that there is not color. Doubtless, black is one of most favorite colors for accessories & jewelry industry. Of course, black watches are preferred by men in business life and who have a casual style.



    There are many reasons to give gifts to our beloved ones. Special days like Christmas, Father’s Day, valentine’s day are some of very popular occasions. Giving gifts can also be a kind way to say apologize or remercy. Jet black wood watch from Svenn men collection can be a nice choice.


    In lives of most of us, weddings have a special meaning. An unforgettable day which two people are united!!! For this valuable day people dream about having a perfect marriage. So, people tend to think every detail one by one and would like to choose the finest wedding dresses, plan the finest wedding ceremony and giving the finest wedding gifts ever. A black wood watch with engraving option could be a nice accessory for a groom.


    One of things to take into consideration is storage conditions. Keeping the watch in a suitable box would be a convenient way to protect it from scratches, humidity and any other damage. Appearance of the watch box is also valuable as much as its functionality. A wooden watch box is not only functional but also seems beautiful. All Svenn watches are packaged in their own wooden box.


    Ebony is a kind of wood from family Ebenaceae which grown widely in tropics. This kind of wood become prominent with features like durability, hardness, and nice color. There are some different colors of ebony wood. The almost black kind of it is used for Svenn watch collections.


    Personalization is also called as customization. Basically, it means tailoring a product to accommodate specific individuals. Nowadays individualism become more important day by day. People like to see personal signs on the products which they will use. As a company which keep customer satisfaction at the top of company values, personalization is a service we serve, gladly. There are several engraving options like engraving on watch box, on case back of watch even in your own handwriting.


    Thanksgiving is national holiday on which people prefer to give presents to each other. People generally look for inspirational and meaningful gifts for this special day. Thanksgiving present should mean something. Different than usual! Thanksgiving Day is celebrated in different countries like USA, Canada, UK etc. Traditionally, people celebrate this day by coming together with family and close friends for a nice meal. This day is to give thanks for what they have. This meaningful day increases the value of the present people will choose. As Svenn, we are proud to present men, women and couple collections to our customers.