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Emerald Watch

Emerald Wood Watch & Sandalwood

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The emerald is shaded green, the emerald symbolizes the balance and harmony of your soul. Green has strong relationships with nature and the environment and is seen as the color of luck, freshness and renewal. You will feel nested and serene in nature when wearing your emerald wood watch.

Due to our understanding of 100% quality, the production and packaging of your wooden watch is highly sensitive. Your watch is delivered with extra bubble wrap to prevent damage to your watch during transport.

Customizable products are very important in today's world. Thanks to personalization, everyone can create and use their own unique design. You can only have your own unique wrist watch with the handwriting engraving option.


    • Diameter: 36mm
    • Thickness: 9mm
    • Band Width: 14mm
    • Weight: 47g

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    100% Tempered Natural Wood

    Swiss Ronda Movement

    Scratch Resistant Sapphire Glass

    Available Engraving Options

    Ultra-Light Weight


    Your watch will be prepared in 1 business day to be shipped to you.
    The average standard shipping duration for standard shipment is 3-6 days.
    The average express shipping duration for standard shipment is 1-3 days.

    Duties and Taxes for international orders are outside of our control, and must be paid by buyer.


    We provide 1 year mechanical parts guarantee for all our watches. If you have any problems during this period, you can contact us easily. We will do our best for you.

    natural wood


    Another detail that makes wooden wristwatches different from others is to easily write a desired text on the wooden back cover. As Svenn Wood Watch, we write your handwriting or a special text in the font you want or a date you want using laser technology. Engraved watches for women are more appealing, a nice memory written on the back cover of the wooden watch can make the gift even more meaningful. The palest ink is stronger than the sharpest memory. By engraving your feelings for the person you care about, you can make him immortal and you can always be remembered. this can also be a great gift idea .



    Everyone wants to be stylish, to look great, and for this, the fashion world always strives to design and produce the more beautiful. Likewise, as a manufacturer of wooden watches, Svenn always strives to create a stylish watch by combining a more perfect design with the best materials without sacrificing quality. In return for our effort, we have designed stylish watches in natural and color that will not go out of fashion and can adapt to all clothes. No matter how you dress it, the elegance is blended with a combination of many pieces. Your clothes, hair, makeup, shoes and of course your accessories. No matter how beautiful you dress and decorate, you will always be missing when you don't have accessories. For this reason, the wooden wristwatch is a great option to complete this deficiency thanks to its functional and visual beauty. You can complete your elegance by choosing one of Svenn Wood Watch and reach an elegant look.


    Sometimes it is a good accessory that we have been using for many years, and sometimes it is a must for our style. Steel wristwatches have shared their superiority in the market with leather strap or plastic strap watches over time, but recently, wristwatches made of wood have gained a lot of attention and take their place in fashion due to the longing and natural interest of people in natural life. Obtaining the natural wood material used in wrist watches and the production of the wristwatch is a very difficult process and is produced entirely by hand workmanship. Naturalness is the most important reason of choice compared to wrist watches produced using other ordinary or artificial materials. Wood has always had a valuable place in our lives. It is a great feeling to use this beautiful material on our watches and wear it on your wrist. You can experience this feeling by purchasing our wooden wrist watches.


    Recently, wooden wristwatches have become very fashionable. Everyone wants to have a beautiful wooden wristwatch and add it to the watch collection. When it comes to fashion, many wooden wristwatch manufacturers have emerged. As a customer, we want to make a good choice among these brands. We want to be both good quality and affordable. What we need to do when buying a wooden wristwatch is clear. Of course, we first select models that suit our style. However, a wristwatch should definitely be of good quality, it is not a bracelet that we will throw aside when we use it only once. We need to know what details should be in a quality watch. Well, we also learned these details. Then we have to look at the quality-price balance. There are dozens of products of the same quality in the market, but the price scale is quite wide. Very high prices are labeled for watches with the same details. At this point, as Svenn wood watch, we guarantee you our quality and reasonable price. We offer you quality at an affordable price. Research and review...


    Wood has always been a symbol of naturalness, now this naturalness is every moment of our life with wooden wrist watches. So why are wooden wristwatches so fashionable these days? Nowadays, everyone wants the naturalness of everything. Because we have been trapped in artificial products and materials for years. We have forgotten the value of nature, and humanity has awakened nowadays. We want to get rid of this stuck artificial life a little bit. Some of us are looking for a way to escape from the city to nature and we do it. Some of us live by waiting for naturalness in the products we buy. Some of us are trying to add naturalness to the places we live. Some of us want to experience this feeling a little bit by using wood from nature in watch preferences. Wooden wrist watches give us a feeling of return to nature. Carrying a part of nature in our body has positive feelings .