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Violet Watch

Violet Wood Watch & Purpleheart

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Violet watch presented by nature to us promise happiness and energy. Show your style with colorful natural wooden watches. Purpleheart wood watches natural appearance and ultra-lightness will be one of the most essential part of your elegance combination. Violet is one of the most distinctive colors that represent calm, creativity and luxury.

When you use your Violet wooden watch, you will not want to take it off your wrist when you realize how beautiful it looks from every angle. This will be an absolutely amazing experience for you.

Purpleheart is one of the most durable trees among the tree species. For this reason, Purpleheart is a watch that you will use for many years like the first day. At the same time, we guarantee that you won't have any problems with the mechanical parts thanks to the Swiss Ronda Movement.

In addition, you can keep your watch unique and have a completely unique accessory thanks to the engraving option.


  • Diameter: 45mm
  • Thickness: 9mm
  • Band Width: 18mm
  • Weight: 67g

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100% Tempered Natural Wood

Swiss Ronda Movement

Scratch Resistant Sapphire Glass

Available Engraving Options

Ultra-Light Weight


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We provide 1 year mechanical parts guarantee for all our watches. If you have any problems during this period, you can contact us easily. We will do our best for you.

purpleheart watch


Purpleheart wood grows in the forests of the region between brazil and mexico countries. Its purple colored surface also has a good natural wood gloss. This tree type, which is suitable for the production of many items in our daily life, reveals its real difference in color from other tree types. It shows us the color and variety of nature with its purple color. Prupleheart wood, which is obtained raw from nature, is processed without undermining its naturalness and is processed through various processes. We offer you purpleheart wood with its minimal design in the durability class compared to other wood types. With its very ambitious design and color, it has already managed to become one of our bestsellers.



Wrist watches, one of the indispensable women's accessories, have now taken their place in the fashion world as colorful wooden wrist watches. It manages to create a different look with its lively, style and remarkable color, far from the classical wood colors. Moreover, this wonderful color is completely natural, without any coloring and processing, in its raw form. It is the choice of everyone who wants to look different from men and women. Svenn wood watch has created this amazing watch by combining this wood color with a very elegant design. Join the energy of this colorful wrist watch...


The wrist watch has become one of the indispensable accessories and necessities of people. Of course, when it comes to an accessory we carry on, everyone wants to prefer the best, the most beautiful, the most pleasing to the eye and stylish products. Wooden wrist watches are also one of the most fashionable accessories recently. When it comes to fashion, these watches are very popular. If you want to buy the best wooden wristwatch, you should definitely check out our watch collection and all its features. you will see that this is the perfect watch you are looking for.


Wood is one of the magnificent materials offered by nature. It has taken place in our lives by using it in many living areas. Moreover, wood has taken its place in the heart of people with its visual and natural feel. For this reason, wood began to be used in the world of accessories and of course also in wrist watches. Due to its lightness, ease of use, pleasant and natural appearance, durable raw material and quality mechanisms, Svenn Wood Watch has taken place in this world and are highly preferred.


Let's confess that we all love to look different and create our own style. We want to be liked, stand out and be curious with our style. We do this with the accessories we carry the most. A very different style has emerged in the world of wristwatch, wooden wristwatch. We have created different watch bands by processing the unique texture and natural color woods obtained from our trees in various ways. While combining these wooden cords with quality mechanism and glass, we combined them with gorgeous designs. At the same time, thanks to the fact that the wood texture differs in each tree, every watch is presented to you as different and unique wrist watches.


The wristwatch is one of the accessories that stylish people cannot give up. We may even know from ourselves that many people have a very large collection of watches. Some also make this collection with interest and curiosity. Because the wrist watch is a magnificent mechanism that has been functioning for centuries and tells us that time has passed. We have made the watches with their minimal and natural structure such that they have become among the first choices of people who want to have style. At this point, people who needed a different style of watch were interested in wooden wristwatches. Because wooden wristwatches have a very plain and different look than other watches, they immediately attract the attention of careful people in the environment you enter. The wood pattern, texture and color of each tree of the same type are different, even the patterns of two watches processed from the same tree are completely different. For this very reason, these woods combined with original designs created wristwatches in a completely different style. Each of them is a new lane in the world of wristwatch style.